Jacek Zakowicz

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Hello, my name is Jacek Zakowicz and I am a front-end web developer. Currently based in the beautiful and sunny heart of Catalonia - Barcelona.

I received a master degree in computer science/programming and I have over 15 years of the industry experience.
Recently I enjoy working with JAMstack projects along with Vue and React.

During years and years of my professional career I had an opportunity and a privilege to work with extremely talented people on the projects for some of the best local Elespacio, Gong and the world known agencies like 14islands, North Kingdom, Fantasy Interactive.

I delivered top class work for the dream clients including: Adidas, SONY, Google, HTC, CBS, History Channel, BBC, Range Rover, Porsche, Skaffold, Coca Cola, General Electric, Nespresso, SCOTT USA, Ecco, Martini.

Websites I worked on gained multiple awards: WEBBY PCA, FWA SOTM, FWA SOTD, AWWWARDS SOTD.